My Honest Review: Celine Triomphe Bag | With Love, Vienna Lyn

My Honest Review: Celine Triomphe Bag

Explore my honest review of the Celine Triomphe bag, and uncover its distinctive features, style, and functionality to determine why it's a worthy addition to your luxury collection.
My Honest Review: Celine Triomphe Bag | With Love, Vienna Lyn

You’ve probably spotted the coveted Parisian it-girl bag, the Céline Triomphe bag, just about everywhere. It has gracefully become a staple in any Parisian-inspired wardrobe. What I absolutely adore about Parisian fashion is its effortless charm—never overdressed, yet always incorporating timeless pieces like a tailored blazer, well-cut denim, low-heeled booties, and a fresh, minimal look with just a touch of makeup. It’s the epitome of Parisian chic.

One iconic example of this effortless Parisian elegance is the Céline Triomphe bag, a luxury bag that has been capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts since its introduction. Its unique design, superb craftsmanship, and timeless appeal make it a must-have for anyone who loves fashion.

In this blog post, I’ll dive the history of the Céline Triomphe Bag, explore its signature features, and share some of my favorite styling tips to help you make the most of this luxurious accessory.

A glimpse into Celine’s history

Founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana and her husband, Richard, they initially started a made-to-measure children’s shoe boutique before venturing into women’s fashion. The brand gained prominence in the 1960s and 1970s, becoming a go-to destination for ready-to-wear, accessories, and leather goods. Over the years, Céline has had a series of talented creative directors, including Phoebe Philo, who steered the brand towards minimalism and clean designs that made it a household name among luxury fashion enthusiasts like myself.

The Triomphe Bag was born from the vision of Hedi Slimane, who took the creative reins in 2018. In September 2018, Slimane presented an updated Celine logo on the brand’s Instagram account. He created his retail flagship concept stores in cities like Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, and London. Slimane replaced the brand’s traditional style with his signature approach, which is “driven by youth culture, indie rock, and sulking adolescence.” Drawing inspiration from the brand’s archival designs, the Triomphe Bag pays homage to the Maison’s heritage while embracing a modern, sophisticated aesthetic that I absolutely adore.

My Honest Review

I’ve had my eye on the Celine Triomphe bag for quite some time now. I’m totally smitten with its simple and classic elegance. I knew it would make a lovely addition to my collection. So, I chose the Chain Shoulder Bag Triomphe in shiny calfskin, which comes in this gorgeous seasonal color, Light Lavender. My Celine sales associate let me in on a little secret—Celine doesn’t repeat seasonal colors, so I just had to grab the Light Lavender one as I fell in love with it. You know me, I’m all about pinks and pastels when I can get them. As for the size, it’s 8 x 4 x 2 inches (20.5 x 10.5 x 4 cm) and crafted from premium calfskin, complete with a luxurious lambskin lining.

The Céline Triomphe Bag is one of those bags that you can spot from a mile away, all thanks to its distinctive features. I’m particularly drawn to the ‘Triomphe’ clasp, which flaunts that iconic double ‘C’ logo inspired by none other than the historic Parisian landmark, the Arc de Triomphe. This signature clasp adds such a touch of elegance to the bag’s minimalist design.

It also has an inner flat pocket, which comes in super handy, and a 9-inch (24 cm) drop chain. What I adore about this version of the Triomphe bag is its lightness and compact size. It’s just perfect for holding a card wallet, phone, and a few accessories, and it fits my petite frame so well.

My Honest Review: Celine Triomphe Bag | With Love, Vienna Lyn

Price of the Celine Triomphe bag

The price of the Celine Triomphe Bag can vary quite a bit depending on the version I choose, like the Classique, Teen, Wallet on Chain, or Mini Bag. The choice of materials also plays a big role in the price, with options such as shiny calfskin, Triomphe canvas and calfskin, and even exotic leathers like lizard and crocodile. To give you an idea, I’ve listed some of the most popular Triomphe bag styles and their prices below, including my own Wallet on Chain Triomphe Bag.

Celine Triomphe Bag, Celine, Triomphe
Celine Triomphe Bag Style2023 Current Price (USD)
Wallet on Chain Triomphe in Shiny Calfskin$1,750
Classique Triomphe Bag in Shiny Calfskin$4,150
Teen Triomphe Bag in Shiny Calfskin$3,950
Mini Triomphe in Shiny Calfskin$1,300
Triomphe Shoulder Bag in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin$2,950
Envelope Triomphe Bag in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin$2,450
Classique Triomphe Bag in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin$3,850
Teen Triomphe Bag in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin$3,600

How to style your Celine Triomphe Bag

The Celine Triomphe Bag is incredibly versatile, effortlessly elevating any outfit. Here are some my favorite styling tips to help you make the most of your luxurious accessory:

  1. Office Chic: Pair your Triomphe Bag with a tailored suit, a crisp white shirt, and heels for a polished and sophisticated work look.
  2. Casual Elegance: For a laid-back weekend outfit, team your Triomphe Bag with high-waisted jeans, a cozy sweater, and ankle boots. 
  3. Evening Glamour: Transform your evening look by accessorizing with the Triomphe Bag. Pair it with a classic little black dress, statement jewelry, and your favorite heels for a chic and timeless appearance.
  4. Pop of Color: Add a dash of vibrancy to your outfit with a bold-hued Triomphe Bag. A colorful bag instantly elevates a neutral ensemble and showcases your unique style.

The Céline Triomphe Bag masterfully combines the brand’s rich legacy with a contemporary edge. It’s incredibly versatile, making it an investment that’s impossible to resist— and for good reason! It’s quickly become a must-have classic that complements any personal style. This bag is destined to be your go-to accessory, taking your outfits to the next level.

So, tell me, has the Celine Triomphe Bag stolen your heart as it has mine?

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