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Healthy Meal Delivery Kits to Try in 2021

Looking to level up to a healthier lifestyle in 2021? Here are my recommendations for the top healthy meal delivery kits to try in 2021.

Healthy meal delivery kits are a game-changer for anyone looking to level up to a healthier lifestyle in 2021. The best meal kits use healthy and premium ingredients to keep you feeling your best. When you eat better, you feel and perform better. You’ll also save time shopping and chopping ingredients all week.

There are many meal delivery kits to choose from and doing the research may be overwhelming. You’re in luck, I’ve narrowed down the search for you! I’m sharing the top 3 healthy meal delivery kits to try in 2021.

Best for Breakfast and Quick Lunches: Daily Harvest 

I first found out about Daily Harvest from a good friend of mine. She posted a delicious looking smoothie on her IG story that looked too delectable to pass by. I immediately replied back to her IG story to ask where I can find my own smoothie! The rest is history.

Daily Harvest is most known for its menu of frozen and ready-to-blend smoothies, pre-made soups and hearty grain bowls. You keep all meals frozen in your freezer until you’re ready to eat. There is little to no effort with food preparation. Depending on the meal you choose, you can either heat it in a saucepan or blend it up.

This is a great plant based meal delivery service if you’re always on the go or have a busy work schedule. If you have a sweet tooth, Daily Harvest offers a selection of dessert bites you can choose from. The best part is that most meals are fairly inexpensive. $5.99 for oat and chia bowls to $8.99 for harvest bowls, flatbreads, and pints of plant-based ice cream. $7.99 for smoothies and bites.

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Pro tip: Make sure you have enough freezer space to store your meals!

Daily Harvest, Acai + Cherry Smoothie

My favorite smoothie from Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest Acai + Cherry | With Love, Vienna Lyn

Best for Lifestyle Tailored Meals: Green Chef

Nowadays, I prefer a keto or low-carb diet. I love that Green Chef offers meal plans that fit my lifestyle choices. Green Chef is also USDA certified organic. Each meal consists of sustainable ingredients sourced from farmers. Each meal plan includes step-by-step recipe cards. You can cook each meal in 30 minutes or less! Here are the different meal plans you can choose from based on your lifestyle:

  • Keto + Paleo: Perfect for those looking to limit their carb intake. This is also a good choice if you’re avoiding gluten and grains. Each recipe has a max of 35g net carbs. Most of the recipes are around 20g net carbs and some fall below 10g net carbs.
  • Balanced Living: Looking for a flexible meal plan that provides variety? This meal plan is an excellent choice for you. You can choose meal plans for meat lovers, vegetarians, and ethnic specific cuisines.
  • Plant-powered: Vegans and vegetarians, this meal plan is for you! This meal includes seven recipes per week to choose from.

In comparison to similar meal delivery kits, Green Chef is an expensive choice. Most meals will cost you between $11.99 or $12.99 each. Keep in mind that Green Chef is USDA certified organic. This contributes to the higher prices for each meal. If you’re in luck, you may be able to catch a price promotion during the year.

Best Luxe Meal Kit: Sakura Life 

Sakara Life is the premium choice for plant-based, prepared meals. The ingredients are organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non GMO. All meals contain no refined sugar. You can customize weekly meal plans based on your lifestyle. This is another great option for those with busy schedules as no meal prep or cooking is required. An interesting quirk about Sakura Life is that they pride themselves on no calorie counting:

“Some calories are addictive, others healing, some fattening, some metabolism-boosting. That’s because food doesn’t just contain calories, it contains information. Every bite of food you eat broadcasts a set of coded instructions to your body—instructions that can create either health or disease.”

Dr Mark Hyman, M.D., Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic

Sakara Life offers meal programs that tailor to your goals and objectives. The signature organic meal delivery program offers several options. You can choose between a one-week trial program or a recurring subscription program. The recurring subscription program is customizable. You can receive meals 3 or 5 days a week. You can also choose which meals to include in your program: breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

For those who are looking to do a total body reset, the Level II Detox monthly program is your choice. Sakara Life also offers a 20-day Bridal Program that is designed to help you feel your best on your wedding day.

There is even a clean boutique which offers a-la-carte foods backed by science. Here are my favorites:

Sakura Life, Metabolism Super Power

This super powder helps increase your metabolism, control cravings, and eliminate bloat.

Health Meal Kits to Try in 2021 | With Love, Vienna Lyn

Sakara Life isn’t cheap. The 5-Day Organic Meal Delivery Subscription is ~$349. And a 20-day meal plan will cost around $1,640. Don’t let the steep prices change your mind. Your health is always a good investment. You’ll never regret spending the money on premium ingredients and foods to keep you feeling your best.

Looking to try Sakara Life’s meal kits for the first time? Sign up HERE for $50 off your first purchase.

What is your favorite meal kit from this list? What are your health goals for 2021?  Let me know by commenting below.

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