AAPI Owned Small Businesses To Shop In 2021 | With Love, Vienna Lyn

AAPI Women-Owned Businesses To Shop In 2021

Help support the AAPI community through this tough time. One of the easiest ways is to shop from AAPI women-owned small businesses. Learn about my favorite AAPI women-owned small businesses to shop in 2021.

It has been a rough year for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Since the pandemic, anti-Asian hate crime and discrimination have increased in the US. According to StopAAPIhate.com, over 3,795 incidents have occurred from March 19, 2020, to February 28, 2021. The worst part is that Asian-American women have suffered the most hate crimes and discrimination this past year. 

You can help support the AAPI community in many ways through this tough time. One of the easiest ways is to buy from AAPI women-owned small businesses.

Read on to learn about my favorite AAPI women-owned small businesses to support. 


Cocokind is a superfood-based, all-natural skincare brand. Its mission is to provide clean, conscious, and accessible skincare that empowers women. 

The founder Priscilla Tsai always struggled with hormonal acne. Her prescription treatments stopped helping, so she took matters into her own hands. She began experimenting with virgin coconut oil and mixing it with other natural oils to help her skin problems. Her concoctions worked, and Cocokind was born. 

My favorite Cocokind product is the sake body lotion. It’s made with sake and microbiome-friendly prebiotic sugars. The fragrance-free body lotion gently exfoliates and soothes dryness at the same time. 

My favorite part is that it’s priced at $16 per bottle. Most of the Cocokind products range from $14 to $16. You don’t have to shell to use all-natural skincare that works.


sake body lotion

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AAPI Owned Small Businesses To Shop In 2021 | With Love, Vienna Lyn

Mount Lai

Mount Lai is an Asian female-owned small beauty brand rooted in Chinese medicine. Mount Lai takes a modern approach to ancient rituals for radiant, glowing skin.

The inspiration for Mount Lai came from founder Stephanie Zheng’s grandmother. Her grandmother treated her skincare routine as a breath of calmness in her busy life. She was performing jade rolling and practicing gua for more than fifty years. 

My favorite Mount Lai beauty tool is the Rose Quartz Gua Sha. Known as the “stone of love,” Rose Quartz is soothing and promotes self-love, reflection, and acceptance. Gua shas have recently become a trendy item in the western world. But they’ve been long used in traditional Chinese medicine for wellness and beauty benefits. If you haven’t invested in a Gua Sha, now is the time to do so. A Gua Sha is the perfect beauty tool to include in your daily beauty or self-care routines

Mount Lai

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

AAPI Owned Small Businesses To Shop In 2021 | With Love, Vienna Lyn

Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a K-beauty, cruelty-free, clean, fruit-powered skincare brand. All skincare essentials are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and more. 

Korean-American co-founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang first met during their days at L’Oreal. They became close friends and decided to team to create something of their own. Both women have a passion for K-beauty. They also wanted to share all that they’ve learned from their mothers and grandmothers. Glow Recipe was born. 

The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner is a must-try if you haven’t already. The toner contains hydrating ingredients and pore-tightening activities. And it helps to minimize the look of pores and hydrate your skin. Priced at $34 a bottle, this is a great deal.

Glow Recipe

Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner

AAPI Owned Small Businesses To Shop In 2021 | With Love, Vienna Lyn


Tulura is an all-natural skincare brand founded by Eileen Feigny and Frédéric della Faille. Feigny della Faille struggled with adult acne during her modeling career. Her adult acne became so bad that she started losing modeling gigs. She began making her skincare products and giving facials to the models, creative directors, and photographers she worked with within the industry. The word got around about her magic hands and instant results. The rest is history, and she gained fame as an industry-secret weapon. 

You have to try Tulura’s best-selling Vitamin Peptide Serum. It’s a hydrating blend of 8 Botanical Extracts and 5 Powerful Peptides that combat aging signs. It’s also pH-balanced so that you can skip your toner.


Circumference is a plant-based skincare brand that only uses natural ingredients sourced from native soil to craft its product. The brand intends to impact the environment and your skin positively. 

You’ll have to try the potent daytime Vitamin-C serum. This serum includes antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and active, mighty extracts. A few examples include olive leaf, mullein leaf, and licorice root. Its main tasks are to help neutralize your skin’s daily exposure to harmful free radicals such as pollution, UVA/UVB rays, and infrared radiation. It also helps to counteract dark spots and discoloration.


Vital-C Antioxidant Day Serum

AAPI Owned Small Businesses To Shop In 2021 | With Love, Vienna Lyn

If you’re looking for more ways to support the AAPI community, here are some groups and organizations to support the fight against Asian hate.

What is your favorite AAPI women-owned small business to shop from this list? Please let me know in the comments below.

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