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Cozy Fall Decor Ideas For The Home

I'm sharing a tour of my cozy fall decor to spark inspiration for your home decor this season.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I love transitioning my home decor each season. This year, fall starts on September 22, and I’ve transformed my home to reflect all I love about this season—coziness, warmth, and change. It’s never too early to start planning for your fall decor. So, I’m sharing a tour of my cozy fall decor to spark inspiration for your home.

Fireplace & Coffee Table

Ginger Jar | Pampas Grass | White & Gold Pumpkins | Green Pumpkins | White Scalloped Tray | Balsam Hill Garland | Gold Mirror

I choose two variations for this year’s fall color theme—neutrals and soft pinks. The neutrals give my space a cozy feel, and the soft pinks add pops of color. Fall decor color themes aren’t restricted to bright oranges or yellows, so feel free to experiment with colors that work best for your home.

Floor Mirror and Side Table

Floor Mirror | Side Table (Similar) | Fabric Pumpkins | Ceramic Vases | Pampas Grass | Large Pampas Grass | Glass Vase Jar

This gold floor mirror is a new addition to my home decor this year. I love placing large mirrors around my home because they can quickly add dimension and open up any space. I’ve added some pampas grass next to the mirror for a simple cozy look.


Gold Mirror | Blush Ginger Jar | Cherry Blossom Ginger Jar | Beige Pumpkins | Blush Pumpkins | Gingerbread House

The beige and blush pumpkins are my favorite fall staple decor items. They had a lovely touch to the overall look and feel of the space. Also, they’re hollow inside, which makes them perfect for holding Halloween candy or cookies.


The home decor item I’m obsessed with this fall season is my Hermès Avalon Blanket. I’ve always loved the look and feel of this iconic blanket. Simply drape the blanket over your favorite piece of furniture for a more sophisticated and luxurious look. Additionally, the blanket keeps you warm during the brisk fall weather.

What is your favorite fall decor item or idea from this guide? When do you start decorating for the fall season? I’d love to know. Let me in the comments below.

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