Chanel Slingbacks | With Love, Vienna Lyn

My Honest Review: Chanel Slingbacks

In this heartfelt tribute to Chanel Slingbacks, I share my honest review and explain why you might wish to welcome these timeless pieces into your Chanel collection.
Chanel Slingbacks | With Love, Vienna Lyn

In the evolving world of fashion, a few iconic pieces remain timeless, capturing our hearts and refusing to let go. Among these, the iconic two-tone nude and black Chanel Slingbacks stand impressively. Established over six decades ago, their appeal remains true. They continue to be a symbol of elegance, adored by shoe enthusiasts globally.

Each season revitalizes this classic design, with every new version becoming an instant hit. The latest wave of interest in these Chanel stunners was sparked by Sofia Richie Grainge. On her wedding weekend, she gracefully wore the Glittered Cotton Guipure & Grosgrain version in a color palette of pink and black, igniting a passionate pursuit of these much-sought-after Chanel Slingbacks among Chanel fashion lovers worldwide. I, too, joined this chase, securing a pair of these highly coveted pink and black Slingbacks. They now hold a treasured spot in my collection, next to the classic nude and black Slingbacks that have long been my favorite.

In this tribute to Chanel Slingbacks, I’ll provide my honest review and explain why you might want to add these timeless pieces to your Chanel collection.

History of Chanel Slingbacks

The year 1957 marked a significant event in fashion. It was the launch of the first two-tone shoe. This design was destined to become a Chanel hallmark. Gabrielle Chanel, affectionately known as Coco, had spent years creating classic pieces. Her collections included little black dresses, detailed tweed tailoring, and luxurious quilted bags. The Chanel Slingbacks became her final touch to these fashion staples.

These Slingbacks, initially inspired by men’s shoes of that era, were meticulously designed to have universal appeal. Practical yet enchanting, they bore Coco’s distinctive flair. The contrasting colored toe, a playful detail, forms a delightful illusion of a smaller foot and a longer leg. A stylish innovation that was as clever as it was fashionable. The muted beige elegantly lengthens the leg, while the sleek black toe cap subtly reduces the foot’s appearance.

This year, we celebrate the 66th anniversary of these Chanel Slingbacks. These iconic two-toned treasures have left a mark on fashion history. Their allure, as bright and captivating as ever, exceeds even Coco’s original vision. It’s akin to a timeless love story, where the passion never fades, much like the enduring charm of these shoes.

My Honest Review

In the realm of style and sophistication, the Chanel Slingbacks truly shine. Their classic black-toe and nude designs, crafted from the softest goatskin leather, offer a unique blend of comfort and elegance. With a modest heel height of 2.8 inches, these shoes are perfect for tackling a busy day at the office and transitioning seamlessly into a relaxed evening.

The variety these Chanel Slingbacks offer is impressive, from the timeless elegance of the classic nude and black two-tone style to more contemporary designs like the pink & black version Sofia Richie Grainge wore on her wedding weekend. There’s a style to suit every individual taste and preference.

Are Chanel Slingbacks comfortable and true to size?

Like any quality pair of shoes, they require a bit of breaking in. But once you’ve done that, whether you’ve chosen the 0.8-inch or 2.6-inch heel, you’ll find these shoes are a pleasure to wear all day long.

In terms of sizing, I’d recommend considering a half size larger when purchasing Chanel Slingbacks, as they tend to run slightly small. Typically, I wear a women’s size 5.5, but I found a size 6 to be a more comfortable fit for both pairs I own.

How much are the Chanel Slingbacks?

The price of the Chanel Slingbacks will depend on the heel size, color, and material you choose. They can range anywhere from $1,050 – $2,950 US dollars before tax. The classic nude and black Chanel Slingbacks is $1,050 US dollars before tax.

Are Chanel Slingbacks worth it?

In my honest opinion, these Slingbacks are more than just footwear—they’re a timeless piece of fashion that symbolizes the effortless elegance that Chanel is known for. They are an essential addition to any fashion lover’s collection, representing a perfect blend of style, comfort, and luxury.

Do you have a pair of Chanel Slingbacks in your collection? Perhaps there’s a particular pair that you have your eyes on? I’m curious to discover which piece of advice from this guide truly touched your heart. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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